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Mar 31 2017

How to market your business using facebook

With the help of facebook you can not only reach them, but also promote your business for free! As Facebook continues to be a prominent authority for social interaction, it can also be used by businesses to advertise, generate online sales, create followings and help spread the word about your brand

Below you will discover 11 tips of how you can use the features that facebook has to offer to promote your business.

Can you think of any media that can help you reach over 1 billion people, with minimal cost and target exactly the demographics you wish?

1.Create page- if you have a facebook page promote it, if not, create one today! Make sure your contact information, website address, all are up to date. You can also include your page URL in your business card.

2.Create group- in addition to a business page, you can also create a group to promote your products and services. You can use them for receiving feedbacks or answering customer’s questions. Also they can also be used to build awareness, authority and interest in your brand.

3.Organise Events, contests and give-aways- this will get people to sign up or like your event. You can get access to their information by redirecting them to your landing page also.

4.Engage your followers- people don’t usually buy the first time they see anything, in general. They need bombardment of the same product or service visually, in order to make them buy. That’s why you need to encourage them to ask or answer questions and get them engaged.

5.Entertain! – You need to be unique and extraordinary in the content and try to make things interesting. You also need to be funny and entertaining because social media is really about entertainment, even if you are doing something serious.

6.Use hashtags- it’s a very important point and you should always remember to use hashtags, whenever possible. It influences new people to discover your business and that extra little sharing might influence the SEO of the link that you are posting in your update.

Contests and give aways mostly focus on your potential customers and get a lot of people to follow, like and reshare your content, so that new people can find your business.

7.Use visuals- people like browsing pictures and dislike a whole lot of reading. Your visuals should be engaging and compelling. You can use photos and videos and a great title to complement them.


8.Keyword optimise your page for SEO- Just like traditional websites, keyword optimization is the most fundamental form of on-site SEO. You can do it by using keywords in strategic positions like your fan page title and about section of your page etc.


9.Leverage friends of fans- new customers will try your product/service if your friends already use it. Facebook lets you leverage that word of mouth publicity. If used effectively, this feature can expand your reach. You can give some discounts, for example to customers who “check in” to your business on facebook.

10.Facebook ads – facebook offers to custom your ads in news feed to specific people who are most likely to be interested in your product or service. Being an advertising option, facebook charges some fees for this service

11.Promote from your personal account- You can always include appropriate images, a link to your website, an overview of your company and a description of your product or service to your personal account.

Ankita Jagtap Digital Marketing Consultant

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