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Oct 05 2018

How influencer marketing strategies can help reach massive audience online?

With the insane amount of information available on the internet for consumption, there has been a substantial decrease in the influence of data on the consumer. The consumer being so smart and addicted to scrolling posts over the internet and disabling ads on the browser, content marketing still fails to create the necessary impact. The idea of serving end-users with valuable content still holds utmost importance in marketing, after all we cannot defy the universal “Content is King” theory that is helping businesses thrive in this over-competitive world. But with the urge to create valuable content that serves its best to people out there, there comes another challenge of having your message being heard in the endless chaos of data. Content connoisseurs need to adapt with this dynamic approach of the end users and explore ways to create the much-needed impact. 

Speaking of impact, just give a thought to your own online behaviour when it comes to buying and subscribing. How many times have you bought something online just because you liked what they offered or their online ad caption created an urge of instant buying or subscribing? The answer is very few times. Even though the offer is tempting and the product is awesome, we tend to rely on reviews before plunging onto the final decision. Here’s where the influencer marketing steps in. We tend to buy products or services that have been recommended by people around us or whom we can instantly connect to. Furthermore, the source of review should be more reliable than any other source. Buying becomes easier if the product or service is recommended by an influencer. 

Influencer marketing and content marketing cannot really exist without each other. With influencer marketing, you can reach out the existing community of engaged followers within your niche. An influencer is an individual with an extended reach with your target audience and who has the potential to influence their opinions and behaviours. They may be topic experts, thought leaders, or brand advocates. Influencers are the individuals with loyal audience base that has been accumulated over time with quality content and consistent updates. Marketing with influencers increases visibility along with interaction for the brand. Moreover, the loyal fan base can be leveraged to build trust amongst the target audience.  

Set Goals  

To make the most out of your influencer marketing campaign, set clear attainable goals for the same. Setting clear goals simplifies the further process and gives clear sense of direction to the influencers as well. It also helps in measurement and analysis of the campaign. 

Content marketing can be best used with influencer marketing to do the following- 

  • Increase Brand awareness 

  • Create compelling content 

  • Drive traffic 

  • Create fan base in new market segments 

Set a goal from the above mentioned by understanding the consumers’ needs, goals and aspirations.  

Choosing influencers 

To get started with influencer marketing, one thing that you should be well aware of is the type of influencer to be considered. While choosing from the influencers, we need to consider the following points- 

  • Expertise: When choosing an influencer to promote your products/ services you should consider the fact of whether the promotion will make an impact coming from the respective influencer.  

  • Reach: Online reach or the existing loyal fan base of the influencer should be taken into consideration when choosing an influencer 

  • Demographic: The buyer persona of the product/ service should be similar to the existing community of the influencer to create the much-needed impact 

  • Notoriety: The influencer should also be scrutinized for his/ her online reputation to get a clear analysis of the fans’ sentiments towards them. They should be analysed for their admiration or condemnation amongst their fan base.  

How can they help  

Influencer marketing is far more than just a contract of advertising with the celebrity. Celebrity endorsements can be considered as a part of the influencer marketing campaigns. Influencer marketing is often treated as promoting recommendations from an expert, well-researched and a holistic resource. The process of trust building and lead generation is more probable in case of influencer marketing than in traditional celebrity endorsements. This is because the campaigns are well researched and executed keeping in mind the preferences of the target audience as well as the influencers.  

Now let's see some of the best ways to leverage influencer marketing  

1. Mention/ Contribution to the Blog / Inclusion in the curated lists or commentaries 

The easiest way to work with influencers is to mention them in your content, request them to guest blog for you or include them in your curated lists or commentary. Initially you will have to get a clear idea of the content your influencers are actually interested in, the content that they usually engage with and the type of content they regularly share on their social profiles. This information will help you curate data and produce content for promotion.  

  • If your posts are relevant to the fan following of the influencer, you can mention the influencer in your tweets or other social media posts. Mentioning the influencer in your posts will help you leverage the huge fan base and reach a large audience. The visibility can further help you gain the popularity or even interaction. 

  • Asking the influencer to contribute to your blog can help you in many ways including getting a thought leader write for your audience, creating credibility and having great content for promotion. 

  • Other simple way is to create curated lists including the influencers. This will help you display your industry expertise and will also provide a chance to mention multiple influencers in single post. Curated lists are sharable and often generate the much-needed interaction.

2. Gifting goods and services 

This is the easiest way of working with the influencers. All you have to do is send gifts to influencers and expect them to do some editorial coverage. To leverage the fan base of the influencer, you will initially have to conduct a research whether the fan base is really interested in your products/services. Though a lot of influencers may accept the gifts but it doesn’t imply the fact that will post for your brand, irrespective of whether they like or dislike your product. Once you send gifts to the influencers, you can’t always expect an editorial coverage unless it is sealed in a contract or the influencer is one of the well-known acquaintances. Brands often seal a deal by paying some extra charges along with the gift for a post.  

3. Sponsored posts  

Sponsored posts are one of the most effective methods with the least overhead. In this, the influencers are paid to do some editorial coverage (either post or blog) in partnership with the brand. Here, the influencer completely understands the product and writes a post/blog for the same keeping in mind the preferences of his/her fan following. This type of campaign is the most effective when launching a certain product/service or to gain awareness for it.  

4. Product Reviews  

With the increasing influence of product reviews and testimonials in the buying cycle of the consumer, this campaign can provide the necessary push for lead generation and conversion. This technique is the outcome of the gifting products/ services to the influencers and will work effectively keeping in mind the popularity and the reliability earned by the respective influencer. To expect a review from an influencer, you need to build and nurture relationship with them. Also, keep a track if the previous reviews by the influencer. If you find that your product/service is something that appeals the influencer, you can then plunge in. 

5. Giveaways 

To ensure effective implementation of this campaign, have a clear understanding of the online conversations of the target audience about your brand, product or service. You need to first understand what exactly you need to offer to build excitement. Even giving away products to the influencers does not guarantee coverage. You will have to keep your fingers crossed or nurture your relationship with the influencer for an ensured verbal contract. Choose an influence with relative brand following as for your brand product/service. Be liberal with the influencer about the choice of product/ service to be given away to the audience. The influencer has a better understanding about the audience than you do. Offer something that communicates your brand message effectively while adding value to the consumer. 

It’s your turn now. 

Try out these different campaigns and reach a large mass of audience to build a niche community of fans/ followers.  

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