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Aug 23 2017

Tips to crack your next job interview

It’s not just you. Most people feel the pressure when interviewing for a job. No matter how many interviews you go through, every new interviewing seems to be scary in its own way. Job interview can get hard and stressful even for the smartest and most qualified person in the room. The best way to deal with an interview is to be prepared to project confidence and share your abilities to add value to the workplace and profession. So, don’t be all sweaty palms and fidgeting about it, and read the below given tips to ace up your sleeve and get hands on that dream job of yours.

  1. Research- Learn as much as you can about the company, the interviewer and the requirements of the job. When it comes to research, leave no stone unturned. You can do so by going through their website, Facebook page, Twitter account, Linkedin and Wikipedia too. The more research you conduct, the more you’ll understand about the employer and that will boost your self-confidence during the interview.
  2. Review common interview questions- practise, practise, practise- another tip to interview success is by preparing responses to expected interview questions. This will help you give a framework for your interview and calm you down. The key here is to practice the points but no need to memorize them. Have concrete examples to justify your answers and also have a list of your questions for the employer ready.
  3. Have impressive body language- Let your body language complement your knowledge and capabilities and don’t let it distract the interviewer eventually leading you towards failure. Poor body language includes slouching, fidgeting with the pen, looking at a distance, touching your face and hair, chewing gum and mumbling. Impressive body language includes smiling, eye contact, upright and solid posture, active listening and prompt yet decent responses.
  4. Dress to impress- The first impression on the employer is many times a key to success. That’s why it is always important to dress professionally. Plan out an outfit that fits the organisations culture and looks professional at the same time. Try to keep accessories and jewellery to a minimum.
  5. 3 C’s- Calm, Confident, Concise- Once the interview starts, your focus should be on the deliverance and quality of your answers. Also remember body language and avoid any bad habit. Sell yourself, but don’t beg for the job. Be confident in yourself and make sure that the interviewer believes in you too.
  6. Ask questions- most commonly when asked if the candidate has any questions, the usual reply is, “No”- wrong answer. Not asking any questions gives the impression that you are not much interested in the job. Asking the right questions during a job interview is almost as important as giving good answers. You can ask questions related to your role like- whom will I be reporting to, Details related to your role, or prepare a question while listening to the interviewer.

Above all remember to smile and be yourself. The interview may be your one shot -- so make it a good one!

Don’t forget to tell us about any other interview tips that you think might be useful to others!


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