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Mar 31 2017

How to monetize your blog?

Of course it does not make you rich overnight and to be honest it takes patience and hard work to build a site that actually makes money. It all depends on your efforts to write great content, grow your audience and test new money making opportunities in order to find the best ways in order to meet the expectations of your readers and your expectations too.

With that in mind, check out the 6 fairly easy ways to monetize your blogs.

Do you want to make money via blogging? Well, you will be surprised to hear that it is not that hard. Blogging will generate the needed finance as well as popularity if you make consistent efforts in the right directions.

1.Advertise- placing ads can be an excellent source of revenue for your blog. There are many advertising programs like Adsense that offer a variety of pay-per-click, displays and video advertising opportunities for bloggers. The ads that you should display on your site depend on the content of your website. With some testing, experimenting and tweaking, you can definitely make money through advertisements.

2.Affliate advertising- work with companies that offer products/services related to your blogs content and topic. Your readers are consumers who might be interested in buying them. Affiliate advertising is considered the best to make money since a single sale can give you anywhere in between $1 to $100.An affiliate aggregator service, such as VigLink, automatically inserts monetized affiliate links into posts for you. They keep some share of the percentage but the convenience is great.

3.Paid reviews- Review products or services. There are many websites that connect bloggers and companies who want to spread the word about their products, services and more. The companies pay you for writing reviews about any of their products and you can quickly make $5 to $10 per review.

4.Sell merchandize- over time, bloggers usually gain popularity and trust from their readers. Converting your readers to customers can be very easy. As long as your product is closely related to your blog topic, it will sell. The good thing about selling online is that compared to the customers that visits your shop for buying your products, here you have the world to sell to.

5.Premium content- once you have a considerable number of readers, you can also charge the readers to access your best articles. It is a common practice in the fitness world. You can also create an eBook of all your content in a particular niche or make a video of the same. Videos are an incredibly powerful medium for conveying information. If your written posts are fairly popular, it is highly possible that your video will also be liked.

6.Services/consulting- this type of money making is an indirect one. You have to build your brand and reputation first by bringing in audience and then direct their attention by offering them offline services and consulting. This method has a drawback that you are trading time for money and it is scalable only up to a point.

Remember, there are a lot of other options to monetize your blog and the above tips are only a few to get you started. I recommend you to start them one by one and try for combinations that work for you.

Ankita Jagtap Digital Marketing Consultant

SEO & SMO strategist. An avid content writer and an emerging Blogger. Overall, a passionate Digital Marketing Consultant.