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Mar 31 2017

5 benefits of seo for local businesses

SEO- three words that will transform your business

If you own a local business, you understand the challenges that come up for you to get listed on top of searches whenever a potential customer tries to search you.

Do you want your company’s name to be seen in those top searches? Are you looking for enjoying the benefits of more clients online? Here is a guide that will walk you through the benefits of seo for your local business.

5 benefits of seo for local businesses

1.What is seo?

Seo helps create fast, robust and easy to use websites that rank high in search ranking and at better positions at SERP (search engine results page)

2.What does it do?

Users usually trust websites that show up in the first page of SERP (search engine results page) than brands that are not. Seo helps in achieving exactly this. From Initial research, audit, analysis to link building and link monitoring. It basically does everything that will help your website to be on top.

Here, we take a look at 5 ways in which small business can benefit from search engine optimization.

3.How will it help my local business?

 Go local- Consumers are purchasing more online, however there is still a large portion of the market place that likes to deal with individuals and businesses that are local to them. That’s why nearly 40% of searches; according to Google, have a local modifier included to help narrow down the options and provide only solutions close to the area they are currently in or intend to be in. It is the fact that a person using it correctly can attract people from the local area and can rank very highly and very quickly up the search engine results for that particular area.

Use locations- Be it bing locations, yahoo locations or google locations, if you get on these, you will be ranked higher for your and there are many apps that use it. And since more and more people use their phones now-a-days to find places, it can improve your footfall figures.

Cost effective- SEO doesn’t have to be massively expensive. Yes, you’ll have to make a decent investment if you want an expert professional, but they can make you much more money than you’ll part with. So, it doesn’t “cost” much.

Social media- its 2015, Today, social media channels such as Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram give search engines a direct lens into your brand’s customer experience. A strong social media presence is the backbone of a high-performing SEO strategy.

Bring in reviews- Reviews are clearly extremely important as far as converting prospects into buyers. Reviews and links back to your site will help you increase your rank among local websites and potentially expand your business. Simple gestures like asking customers to review the business online at the end of receipts of purchase, business cards or simply asking in person are always a good idea and are likely to result in some good coverage from actual customers.

Ankita Jagtap Digital Marketing Consultant

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