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Bored with the mediocrity of the rat race, a bunch of crazy friends met on sunny afternoon to bring a change and make a difference. It was a year since they graduated and tried to fit in the corporate world that seemed dull and uninviting. After trying their hands on fitting in, they finally chose to stand out. With minds full of dreams and hearts filled with hopes, they relied on each other for the escape from mediocrity. They yearned to create something that would satiate their appetite for challenges. Unaware of what they were going for, they chose to build something beautiful- something that reflects the madness, quirkiness, and the weirdness of their socially unfit clan. They knew they were meant to inspire and create and not just survive under the domination of the ticking clocks and stressful jobs. Too proud to accept defeat and work for something that didn’t mean anything for them, they decided to go for it in their own way and their own terms. Amidst the scorching heat and the discontent of shattered dreams, a decision was made- a decision to carve out their own path and make their mark, a decision to build inspirations and nurture aspirations, a decision to create great working cultures and nourish innovations and the decision to be themselves in the world that was constantly trying to make them someone else.

With the notion of finding a place of their own, Chhand was born. The idea behind Chhand was something that instilled a deep craving for the passion and inspiration that we looked for in this world. Chhand was built to create a world of passion that inspired individuals and helped passion to find its ways to reach out the masses.

Built with sweet and bitter experiences, stressful and toiling nights and irresistible longing of the fulfillment of the never ending dreams; Chhand is still finding its way to satiate its appetite for challenges. In short, Chhand is a place of never ending dreams and improvements, endless passion and a home of nerdy enthusiasts that never take “NO” as an answer.








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